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The Importance of the Early Years

At Small Wonders Day Nurseries we understand that the importance of the early years in a child’s general development cannot be over-emphasised. Any experience which caters for the needs of the children, before they reach statutory school age, establishes the foundations of future learning in many areas of human experience. There are four main needs of the child in the pre-school years:

  • The need for love and security.

  • The need for new experiences.

  • The need for praise and recognition.

  • The need for a framework of responsible behaviour.

We aim to meet these needs in our daily contact with the children.



Children over 2 come to the nursery with a wealth of experience to draw upon. They will have learned about people and their environment and begun to develop many of the skills which they need to operate in their world. It is our task to build upon this experience and extend their learning.

We see each child as an individual and whole person, not simply as under 2, a 2-3 or as a 3-5 year old. Therefore whilst following a pre-determined learning journey and activity plan we will be guided by each individual child, their choices and thirst for knowledge and encourage each child to develop to their skills. The children are not pressured as we believe learning should be fun. Therefore we do our best to ensure that each child has a warm, caring and stimulating environment in which they are supported, by our qualified staff, in developing their own potential at their own pace.

Any Questions? Get in Touch!

To discuss your childcare needs and arrange a visit to one of our nurseries in Preston simply call us on one of the numbers below.

Small Wonders Day Nursery – (01772) 556 900

Small Wonders Too (01772) 252 212

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