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Emotional, Social and Educational Development

It is the nursery’s policy to establish close links with parents in order to exchange information and fully involve in the plan of their child’s emotional, social and educational development. Researchers at The Froebel Institute have found significant lasting benefits to nursery children when parents, staff and children all work together. One way we in which we hope to do this is by way of a “Home Work Pack”. All children regardless of age will have the opportunity to take home a “pack” at the end of the week. The pack will contain activities, which will involve both the child and the parents to enjoy together and so will be a “joint effort”.

The development of knowledge includes looking at the environment, exploring themes and interest tables as well as news. We hope that parents can participate by bringing in articles for discussion as well as providing topics of interest. The exchange of ideas helps to develop active minds.



In order for a child to become an effective member of society, they need to be encouraged to develop their social skills. At Small Wonders Day Nurseries we firmly believe in a positive environment and endeavour to avoid negatively reinforcing any behaviour which we feel is inappropriate. Instead we look to distract the child and positively reinforce more appropriate behaviour. We look to Parental Partnership to devise any behaviour modifications which are seen as necessary.

At Small Wonders Day Nurseries we recognise that nursery-age children need time to establish their confidence in a new situation. The way in which out staff work together with parents to  settle a new child into nursery is of great importance in developing the relationship between parent, nursery staff and child.

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