Your Child's Best Start In Life at Small Wonders Day Nursery

Originally established in 1996, Small Wonders Day Nursery has grown and is now able to offer care for up to 78 children, and is able to deliver child centric child care to children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years old.

Please feel free to call us to arrange to come in for an informal visit at our setting whilst you’re getting your nest ready as we are one of the few providers that can offer nursery places to 3 month old hatchlings!

Our Ethos at Small Wonders Day Nursery

At Small Wonders we are a family and truly believe every child in our care is an extension of our family. Often little ducklings who attended our setting as Hatchlings return as mature ducks for holiday club as well as after school club. In the recent years we have found that many of our parents were in fact hatchlings at our setting themselves. Our Two senior managers have been at Small Wonders for over 18 years consistently ensuring a homely environment for all our past and new hatchlings. Furthermore most of our staff have long lengths of service at the settings creating an established and cohesive team.

We promote an inclusive environment where all children are treated with the same love and respect they receive at home. Children learn best through a play environment, upon visiting the nursery you will see that our continuous provision allows us to enrich each child’s environment. Providing opportunities for individual learning based around each ducklings’ preferences.

“Equality and Inclusion are two core values we promote at Small Wonders. We believe the best environment for children to learn is representative of the real world. We offer a variety of resources to enhance their awareness of different backgrounds. We strive to help raise well rounded accepting children; children who are aware of people’s differences and do not turn away from them. Instead welcome differences with open arms.”

We pride ourselves in the high standard of care we provide. Every member of staff completes regular training to constantly promote the best practice possible. We believe that children learn best when there are inspired and motivated which is why we tailor each child’s learning journey to best suit each individual. We strongly believe there that is no better environment for your ducklings to learn and grow than the one we provide at Small Wonders.

Our Vision at Small Wonders Day Nursery

To nurture your precious offspring through their early years. From young hatchlings, through to migrating ducks ready to start their next step at school….

Our vision at Small Wonders is to provide all children with a nurturing and stimulating environment to ensure that every child looks forward to coming to nursery; which in turn provides parents with the peace of mind, that their child is happy.

Both our settings provide exciting, stimulating and creative learning opportunities and experiences at each session; allowing each child to reach their full potential.

All our professionally qualified Practioners realise that each child is unique, and have the necessary skills and experience to quickly adapt the learning environment to ensure that each child is engaged in activities that inspire them to learn and create. We are committed to providing a stimulating and creative environment that meets the needs of all our little ducklings. Throughout our settings we have a vast number of open-ended resources allowing the children to thrive and learn in their own individual way.

We promote a ‘No Child is Left Behind’ policy; guaranteeing that all children leave our settings confident, brave and ready for the next step in their learning journey.

We actively promote British Values and encourage all children to gain an understanding of respect and fairness through our learning activities and guide each child to develop a sense of identity. We actively engage children in age-appropriate diversity and inclusion learning activities in order to provide a truly well-rounded learning experience.


Meet Our Wonderful Team

Opening Times & Contact

Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6pm

Arkwright Mill, Hawkins St, Preston PR1 7HR
01772 556900